Become a LinkedIn Superhero

Do you want to land your dream job? Want to get loads of freelance projects or build a personal brand on LinkedIn to attract customers? If you said Yes, for any of these three questions then this masterclass is for you.

8 infinity stones of the Masterclass

The Superpowers that will be posess

Find your Niche, select your audience and brand your skillsets to get the desired result.

Learn how to rank higher in the search results for your field of expertise.

Learn how to use various free LinkedIn tools to get notified about the best job opportunities.

Whether its your customers, clients or HRs, you wont have to go to them. They will come looking for you.

Step by Step Content Writing Formula that will help you churn out content and grow organically. 

Connect with your clients/recruiters and engage & nurture a relationship before asking for what you want.

Hack your way to growth on LinkedIn by tapping into organic reach of the platform using our tips and tricks.

List of time-tested, Free weapons that will take your LinkedIn game to the next level.

How did we create this Masterclass?

We understood the challenges that Jobseekers face while looking for a job.

Interviewed many Recruiters, HR & CEOs to understand their expectations.

Analysed the information gathered to look for gaps & came up with solutions.

Curated a LIVE workshop and taught this to 792 students over 8 workshops.

With the feedback from the participants built the LinkedIn Masterclass.

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The Key Features of the Masterclass

One time payment

No recurring fees, you will have access to all the updates of the course.


Its pre-recorded, so you can start and stop at your own convenience.

Community Benefits

More than 2000 active members ready to help you review or answer your queries.

Smart Results

Do smart work, not hard. We have laid it on a plate for you, all you have to do is implement. 

Please note you can benefit from the introductory offer (Rs 699)  by getting the masterclass now, and completing it whenever you have time! 

This is no brainer for anyone who is serious about building a personal brand on LinkedIn to land jobs, clients or customers.

If you follow @thethinkschool on Instagram you know we are all about value, and we suggest you grab this masterclass while its relatively new. Don't wait up on this, because the price will not always be this low ever again.

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